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 Chapter One: Something in the wind

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PosteTema: Chapter One: Something in the wind   Lør Feb 01, 2014 9:53 am

Hardly a week had passed since the young Mr. Dawlish and his faithful friend and colleague Alastor Moody was accepted into the ranks of the Aurors. Unlike his colleagues, who despite their agreement that life as an Auror in peaceful times could be boring after a while, but that also meant it was nice that there was not more exciting affairs because most people ended up injured or killed, Dawlish shared not their point of view. He found boredom frustrating, and was often seen pacing impatiently back and forth at office shaking and twitching that went over his face. The most interesting thing that had happened in the first four weeks was that he had cleared the name of a petty criminal named Mundungus Fletcher who had been suspected of attacking and seriously injure a Ministry official of the Department of Magical Cooperation, after he proved that Fletcher had been in the wizarding village of Hogsmeade that day, arguing with the bartender at one of the local pubs. However, something came up during the fifth week. Cranville Quincey, owner of Cranville Quincey's Magical Junk Shop in Diagon Alley reported a burglary where one of his staff tried to stop the intruder but reportedly fell victim to the Cruciatus Curse. The strange thing was that the perpetrator looked exactly the Charlus Potter, Dawlish knew was working late at the office on the day the crime took place. Intrigued by the mysterious doppelgänger's methods, Dawlish volunteered to be participating in the investigation.
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Chapter One: Something in the wind
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